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Find Clarity and Peace Through Understanding

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Life is a series of relationships.

From the beginning of life, relationships form naturally – with our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, even the family pet!

These relationships influence us all in some way.

Some relationships have inspired us.

Encouragement, acknowledgement, kindness, and compassion instill confidence in us.

This can give us the desire and drive to accomplish our goals in life.

Other relationships have hurt us…

…and continue to affect us.

Being insulted and ignored creates a longing for attention and approval. This can cause us to seemingly fall in love with someone providing that need which often results in a failed relationship.

These past hurtful relationships can cause conflict with our friends, family, or partner today!

Shouldn’t we have more control over them?

As adults, we choose our friends, romantic partner and who we call family.

But these choices are still based on our earlier influences.

Are you seeing a cycle of bad choices?

Which relationships cause you unhappiness?

Have you noticed a pattern of pain as the result your choices?

Hi, I’m Cindy.

Understand… Identify… Apply!

With great success, I’ve helped clients understand their relationship history, how it affects them today, and how to break the cycle of making choices based on what feels comfortable and familiar.

“Comfortable and familiar” can sometimes be destructive in a friend, work, family, or romantic relationship.

In your sessions with me, you will gain a new perspective to understand your current struggles, identify patterns that have kept you stuck, and learn to apply techniques to reach your therapy goals.

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Peace, Happiness, and Joy can be yours!

The awesome thing is once you have this new focus, you will choose healthier relationships in the future and better manage the current ones in your life.

How wonderful is that?

Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for – the peace, happiness, and joy of life that comes from clarity and respect for yourself?

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