Overcoming Guilt & Shame

How do you Plead… Guilty?

So, you did something wrong and feel guilt. Did you…

…avoid a friend or family member who needed your help?

…have an accident that harmed others?

…lie to get out of a work commitment when your office was short-staffed?

…cheat on your partner?

…pass up a charitable donation opportunity when you have enough to give?

The question is…

Do you own up to it and move on?

Or do you see it as, yet another thing on your list showing what a “bad person” you are?

Herein lies the difference between Guilt and Shame.

Guilt is how you feel knowing you did or failed to do something resulting in a negative impact on yourself or another.

Whether the action was intentional or not, you accept the responsibility that what you did was bad or wrong.

If you can focus on the action as being bad; you can own it, learn from it, and go on with life. You see, guilt can be healthy… a helpful tool in life.

Is this how you deal with the mistakes you make?

Shame is how you feel about yourself as a result of what you did.

Shame is not healthy. It lowers your self-esteem and can ruin your life.

Example: “I’m such an idiot!      I screwed up again!       I can’t do anything right!       I’m a bad person!           Why would anyone love me?”

Is this how you feel after you’ve made a mistake?

Unresolved Shame…

Living with shame causes a chain reaction of negative experiences in your life. This can ruin your relationships with family and friends, take a toll on your career, and disrupt life overall.

It can result in depression, eating disorders, tearfulness, suicide, bullying, aggression, or violence.

You may also have physical symptoms such as nausea, headache, sleep issues, or muscle aches.

Have you experienced any of these behaviors or symptoms?


I’m here to help…

Together, we will review the origin of your guilt and redefine the action. Then we’ll follow the destructive path that led you to feeling shame. Through a series of sessions designed specifically for you, I’ll guide you through the steps to overcome this shame. Your self-esteem will return giving you a new outlook on life.

In the end, you will see life’s future mistakes for what they are; not allowing guilt to fester into shame.

Enough is Enough! …why wait?

I know this works… I’ve seen it!

All you have to do now is call or text, or email to set up a free phone consultation. If we are a good fit, we’ll schedule your first appointment.

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