Couples Therapy

What happened to us?!

Does any of this sound familiar?

It wasn’t always like this. We were so happy!

I never would’ve thought this was possible.

Our friends were envious of what we had.

We don’t socialize anymore because I’m tired of the pretense.

God, I don’t want it to end but this can’t go on!

Personality and Expectations

Life is a series of relationships from birth.

From these relationships, we learn behavioral characteristics and habits. Thus, our personality forms.

Without realizing it we hold certain expectations for others who, of course, had their own relationships in life making them who they are!

These differences don’t surface until later and take us by surprise.

Love Buried under the Rubble?

When a couple’s relationship falls into a pattern of separateness, it’s often due to a lack of true communication and disrespect develops.

This can lead to episodes of exchanging harsh words that end in extreme anger and hurt feelings.

Once certain words are said, it’s hard to forget them…

… and feeling the love that is there becomes very challenging!

Same Song, Different Verse

You two talked about this and thought you had it figured out…

… but it keeps happening.

It’s getting old and it makes you wonder if it’s even worth continuing to try.

Then you ask yourself: Would the alternative be any better?

Understanding and Hope

Counseling with me will give you the opportunity to form a new perspective—another point-of-view allowing for a clearer understanding of each other.

Understanding leads to hope…

… and this gives you the possibility for renewing a loving relationship.

Your Next Step

Just give me a call today.

You begin counseling as a couple together the first session, then individually for a predetermined amount of time.

Counseling can be exciting for you as you see the progress and feel hope again. Then a reassessment session as a couple will determine the next step.

If you are not both willing to counsel at this time, Individual Counseling can be a start to help couples get back on track. Call me and we’ll discuss it.

Let’s get started today!

You gotta at least try counseling, right? I have a unique and proven method that can help you get through this.

This could be the most important decision of your life!

You’ve come this far… the next step is to call, text, or email me to get started.