Chronic Illness Support Therapy

The Mysterious Symptoms

Do you remember how you felt before you were diagnosed?

What are these pains?

Why am I so tired?

Where did this headache come from?

How did I become so sickly?

When will this stop?

Then it was good news/bad news.

At least it has a name. At least I wasn’t going crazy. But, what do you mean chronic… as in constant?

Living with a Chronic Illness Can Be Isolating

It also wears on family and friends who try to be supportive…

… but can’t really understand without experiencing it themselves.

You have your good days and bad days, your highs and lows… but it’s always there. Even when you have it under control at the time, you know it’ll be back!

This causes you to withdraw from people who care and want to help… but just don’t know how.

These caring people are also suffering from rejection, frustration, and guilt for not knowing what to do.

Different People, Different Disruptions

Some serious side-effects of chronic illness include depression, loneliness, guilt, sleeplessness, anxiety, rage, and fear. These conditions can disrupt life in many ways.

Family can be destroyed over the frustration and confusion about what to do.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, diabetes, fibromyalgia, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), just know a meaningful life is still possible.

Whatever stage you are in or whatever toll it has taken… it’s not too late.

It is proven that therapy can help.

Therapy beyond the Bounds of Illness

If the chronic illness was all you had to deal with, you would manage somehow…

… but there’s so much more that has happened because of it.

There are proven modalities used in chronic illness support therapy, and I will use them to help you sort through the non-physical effects of this chronic illness to get your life back in order.

How you feel will be taken seriously.

You’ll receive validation and the understanding you seek.

Therapy is for both patients and caregivers.

Whichever position you are in, a chronic illness can psychologically take over your life as you knew it.

Therapy can help you find peace within by helping you rediscover who you truly are.

You’ll learn how to recognize triggers before the volcano inside erupts and how to choose a different response to end the cycle of feeling defeated.

I’m here to help.

I understand first-hand some of the effects from family and friends who live with chronic illness.

Join my clients who’ve experienced a sense of relief and new outlook from therapy sessions.

Find your way back to peace by feeling in control again of your emotions.

Call, text, or email today for a free phone consultation!