Grief Recovery Therapy

Grief is a pain like no other.

“How can I possibly go on?”

The loss of a child, spouse, sibling, parent, friend or pet is devastating. It leaves a path of destruction in our lives like a tornado touching ground.

The questions: what if? how? why? …they go on and on.

Make it stop!

You just want to wake up… this must be a dream, a nightmare!

There are many faces of grief.

Undisputedly the most recognizable and intense grief is from the loss of a loved one.

However, we experience grief as a result of many kinds of loss.

The loss of a job, a relationship, a home, friendships, and other meaningful connections are more traumatic than we realize.

Stop for a minute & just breathe.

There is no reversing loss of any kind.

But through therapy you can gain a new perspective by understanding the pain you feel.

This pain stems from guilt, regret, anger, and other emotions you’re constantly feeling.

Haven’t you suffered long enough?

Time doesn’t heal, it just passes.

It’s your action that heals.

I’ll help you learn how to move beyond the pain, loneliness, and isolation attached to the absence of your loved one or other loss.

I’m a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist who went through this evidence-based course firsthand.

I offer individual and group sessions in accordance with the Grief Recovery Method which gives you specific tools to help you recover from loss and ultimately lead a happier life.

This action-based course involves reading and writing assignments. We meet 2 hours, once a week for 7-8 weeks.

This void in your life has a name and a place in your heart.

Share this with me so you can experience a profound relief and gain the desire to live life again with your loss.

Call, text, or email today, and let’s begin!